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We're a health agency who provides diet and workout plans to people all around the world. Our expertise in making the diet plans have given amazing results to our clients worldwide. We're also KETO experts.

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Personal Counseling

One to one counseling sessions where you'll be provided with meal and workout plans with videos of exercises

30 Days Beginner Keto Diet

This program is an online program where you'll be provided with 2 beginner level meal plans and 2 workout plans

14 Days Fat Loss Guide

It's an online fat loss guide where you'll receive daily tips and tweaks to improve your diet via. e-mails


Thank u Shikha for being such a great power booster and fitness expert. Since I met you Shikha It has been a journey of various discoveries related to health and nutritious diet which were unrevealed till date to me. You have busted various MYTHS REGARDING FOODS an HEALTH which I had been following for so many years with so many dietitians. This just comes to show that so many people like me are oblivious of certain facts which leads to various damages in the body and can lead to some chronic conditions when the body lacks the required supplements and proper nutrients. This healthy path with you has not only uplifted my physical stance but also provided me a healthy zest and zeal                                                       towards life.      

  "THE MIND IS EVERYTHING WHAT YOU THINK YOU BECOME". As it is rightly said, that is exactly what I feel when I speak about SHIKHA GUPTA and her nutrition knowledge and guidance. As a beginner, I can say it’s a transformation from IF I CAN to OFCOURSE I WILL. The food plan is made as per your lifestyle, your work and your convenience. The cravings aren’t stopped they have vanished. If I have to describe in a single word about my experience with SHIKHA in one word it would be 'ENERGY'. It gives you confidence, motivation and you love yourself. " YOU DONT HAVE TO EAT LESS YOU JUST HAVE TO EAT RIGHT "

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