A Mumbai based Nutritionist, fat loss and keto expert, blogger and a fitness coach.

How I found myself?

 I enlightened my nutrition knowledge by doing 5 years of Masters in Clinical Nutrition. Sooner, I got into the fitness Industry where I realized that there are insane ways followed in the society in the name of ‘FITNESS’. It made me flaming mad! Misleading information roused my curiosity to gain more knowledge and so I did sports nutrition and fitness training course too.

Worked in hospitals, health centers and as a senior bariatric nutritionist but still there was something missing. I realized it was lack of correct information given to people about nutrition and fitness. The only best way I found to educate people was through blogs.

My success is the reflection of my writings, and unbelievable transformation that my clients write about me.

What I believe in?

I believe every human whether male or female, no matter what age, thin, fat or have any health issues, is designed by nature to train and eat as per need. This is the only formula to stay healthy, look young and be disease free.

My Approach:

  • Designing logical meal and workout plans in reference to the lifestyle you lead.
  • No ways I encourage low calorie, or any fads. Asking for important blood tests to dig the deficiency one has. Most important is to supplement the gap of deficiency.
  • Planning and organizing the lifestyle to make one independent enough to lead his/her lifestyle without anyone’s help.