It’s hard to believe that how the world is transforming into a life of a havoc where too much information is grabbing people’s mind with no good.

Low fat, diet foods and no exercise is the only mantra left to lose weight.. isn’t?

But what If I tell you to eat cheese, ghee, butter, full cream milk, paneer, mangoes, bananas and grapes? Is that believable for you?

Yes, at Magical Health we create Magic in your health with abundance of real foods which loves you back.

The purpose of making this Ultimate guide is to build your mindset and give the practical solutions to make an individual not have a set diet plan but to make traditional and easily adaptive lifestyle changes.

I, Shikha Gupta, the nutritionist created Magical Health for Indian passionate fitness lovers to give you a reality check to lose fat. I’m a fat loss expert who believes in eating more, cheating at times, love food and yet lose fat. I try my best to break the myths of nutrition and take every individual to a Magical Health transformation journey.

What is Magical Health?

It’s a health agency based majorly online and offline with unique blogs, courses, workshops, education and personal mentoring programs on health and fitness.

Our objective:

  • To give you the right and authentic knowledge on Nutrition and Fitness which are Indian based, easy and practical to follow.
  • To replace the mindset of doing a diet and losing weight to eating a lot of healthy fats, proteins and carbs to be lean and young throughout the life.
  • To educate people about nutrition and fitness to make them an Independent Lifestyle Manager.
  • To break the myths on nutrition and fitness.

Overview of Ultimate Guide for Indian Weight loss Diet:

1) Break the Diet mentality

a) It’s not about diet, its about lifestyle

b) Counting calories is outdated

c) Eating less makes you lose weight

d) Sticking to only weight loss

2) Encyclopedia for weight loss

a) Eating thermogenic foods is the best way to lose fat

b) Stop counting calories

c) Eat frequently- 7-8 meal pattern

d) Eating etiquette

e) Never compensate meals

f) Concentrate on the real foods

g) Eat healthier fats, Indian Weight Loss Diet plan

h) Proteins for muscle building and metabolism

i) Local and traditional foods

j) Never follow any avoid list

k) Cheating guilt free

l) Never get carried away with shortcuts:

m) Supplementation

n) Self love and gratitude

3) Best exercise to lose weight-

a) 5 Fitness Components

b) Weight training and it’s myths

c) Cardio

d) Stretching

e) Compensation Exercise

f) Intensity

4) Break the plateau

5) Master Plan for women

6) Courses and programs

7) Contact details

So let’s get started in detail:

1- Break the Diet Mentality

a) It’s not about diet, its about lifestyle

Having said that, the word diet itself is so depressing. The minute you say diet, it strikes in your head- not getting to eat, only soup and salad, only chiwda or khakra, only fruits, in short Starving.

At Magical Health, I never sell diets but make you fall in love with food to make you magical.

Which is the ideal diet for you?

  • Eating food that you love to eat
  • Knowing what you are eating is real or not
  • Eat original and real foods and not man made
  • Eating traditional foods
  • And of course eating local foods

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b) Counting Calories is Outdated

Eating less calories, selecting foods that claims low calorie doesn’t give you fat loss. Calorie counting is the most outdated methods we use in today’s’ time to lose weight.

I keep pushing people to eat lots of healthy fats and more calories that’s because if you got to see fats give 9 kcal in 1 gm fat as compared to carbs which is 4 kcal in 1 gm carbs. Healthy fats reduced the GI (glycemic index of the food) making it slow absorbed and therefore fat loss. Carbs which is lower in calorie converts to glucose and if given in excess will convert to fat.

Therefore, it’s not about eating less calories, it’s about the thermogenic effect of that food which means how much time and energy the food takes to digest. Fats and proteins takes the longest to digest and burns lots of calories to digest it.
Henceforth, never count calories but eat more calories to lose weight.

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c) Eating less makes you lose weight

Another misconception people live with is eating less will help them lose weight. Of course it does help, but it’s purely water and muscle loss and not fat loss. Once you start eating food, it will bounce back the lose weight, and now it would be more than before.

Eating more is the best strategy to lose fat. How? Because when you eat frequently, digestive process is constantly working by using the stored petrol- fat of our body. When you don’t eat, there is no burning happening.

Yet again, the foods that you chose is the utmost priority in terms of eating more. When I say eat more doesn’t mean eat more pizzas and burgers but eating healthier fats like whole cream milk, nuts, cheese, makkhan/Butter , whole eggs, chicken, fish, whole cereals and pulses.

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d) Sticking to only weight loss

Checking weight is hazardous to health. Weight is never the right indication of health as it doesn’t assure us whether you have lost fat or water or muscles. The best indication to help you know the progress is how much your clothes are losing from time to time. Yes, it’s the inch loss that signifies the lost fat.

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Let’s not rely on the stupid weight machines as it will not be your loyal friend. It will always say the wrong things to you. 

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2- Encyclopedia for Ultimate Weight Loss

a) Eating thermogenic foods is the best way to lose fat

Thermogenic simply means the foods that consumes maximum energy and time to digest like whole cereals, whole pulses, whole milk and milk products like full cream milk, makhan, ghee, paneer, tofu, whole egg, chicken and fish.

Thermogenic foods are generally high on calorie but in a healthy way. Eg: maida (processed flour) will give you the same calorie as wheat but you too know whole wheat is better option that maida. Why? Because whole wheat takes longer time to digest than maida, therefore, it becomes high thermogenic.

Same way if you count processed butter with desi ghee. The caloric value is the same but butter will make you fat and ghee will help you lose.

Therefore, sticking to high thermogenic foods on daily basis and eating them more frequently will increase the fat burning process to a larger extent than not eating food or starving.

b) Stop counting calories

It’s high time that we realize that calorie counting is not the best way to lose weight. The new definition of good health should be EATING MORE CALORIES TO BURN MORE CALORIES.

Our body works on burning energy stored in our body. We breathe, we burn energy, we sleep we burn energy, the same way we burn energy while digesting food. Eating high thermogenic foods increases the requirement of the energy to burn that food.

If low calorie food is eaten like soups and salad, coconut water or chaas, or processed foods like low fat cheese, low fat butter, low fat milk, skimmed milk, or any low fat or low calorie food item does not burn too much to digest. It leaves the stomach too fast leaving it empty for a longer time. It’s as good as skipping meal.

Eat more calories (thermogenic foods) and lose fat, never look for low fat or low calorie or diet foods, they will not do any good to you.

c) Eat frequently- 7-8 meal pattern

Overeating is the biggest reason of obesity today. You eat any food more than the requirement, it is surely getting converted to fat.

The best way to eat as per body’s need is to divide your 4 meals to 8 smaller meals. The advantages of doing that is:

  • It will control your hunger.
  • You don’t feel craving for food as you feel full and satisfied.
  • By the time you eat the next meal, you won’t overeat as you are already satisfied.
  • Eating high thermogenic food every 2-3 hours will increase the fat burning process too.
  • Therefore, you are not converting food to fat , plus burning stored fat to burn that food.

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d) Eating Etiquette

How much to eat? The most common question people ask me and are shocked when I ask them to eat as much as they want.

Body works and signals the requirement on its own. You just need to listen to what it says. The only way to know it is to concentrate on food while eating and eating slow, chewing it well.

Stomach sends the signal to the brain after 20 mins that “I’m full’’, therefore, eating slow and chewing well will give you the feeling of satisfaction after eating smaller meal at a time.

Chew 1 bite 32 times, and take at least 20 mins to complete one meal.

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e) Never compensate meals

If at all you want to cheat on meals, never try to skip the next meal or the previous meal. What you end up doing is overeating in the next meal. Cheat guilt free once or twice in a week intelligently with planning if possible in advance.

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f) Concentrate on the real foods

Foods that are man-made are mostly processed and refined. Processing not only denatures the quality of the food with additive substitutes makes the quality more hazardous for health.

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Foods like low fat cheese, butter, diet colas, skimmed milk, diet chiwda, multigrain biscuits, ready to cook foods, instant foods, sauces and ketchups are all high on sugars and trans fat value.

Body’s nature can adapt only natural foods. Man made foods are fake and are not real which acts as a foreign substance to our body. Stick to nature’s food, means food that is grown on earth like whole cereals, whole pulses, vegetables, fruits, or animal foods like dairy products, egg, chicken or fish.

g) Eat healthier fats, Indian Weight Loss Diet plan

Indian diets are highly based on carbohydrates like wheat, jowar, bajra, nachni, and rice. There are many diets which claim that eating carbs is one of the culprit to increase body fat because carbs release glucose and converts the excess to fat. It’s impossible for an Indian to stay away from the staple and cut it down to lose weight. But unfortunately the diets claiming this are majorly foreign based. Indians ignore 1 very important aspect about Indian Diets is that it is Loaded with healthy fats along with Carbs like GHEE, COCONUT MEAT, MAKHAN (WHITE BUTTER), NUTS, FULL CREAM MILK AND YOGURT.

When Healthy fats are added to carbs, it slows down they process of release of glucose in the blood stream. Therefore, if you realize the design of our Indian diets are always a combination of carbs with fats like IDLI WITH COCONUT CHUTNEY, CHAPPATI WITH GHEE, DALS WITH GHEE TADKA, PARATHA WITH MAKHAN, UPMA WITH NUTS and more.

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Some very important aspects of adding Healthy Fats in your diet are:

  • Eating fats helps you burn fat- Fat is takes longest time to digest and burns more energy (body fat) to get digested. Therefore, eating them in good quantity is necessary. Include lots healthy fats like whole cream milk, full fat yogurt, full fat paneer, desi ghee, peanuts, peanut butter, whole eggs, avocado, nuts, and oilseeds like flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

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  • Eat ghee and lose weight fast- Indians are blessed to have such an advanced version of losing fat and that is Ghee. It not only adds taste and helps burn fat but also builds up our memory and productivity of life. It not only lowers the GI of the food but also helps burn fat massively. As per latest researches, the is no upper limit to have healthy fats and it has no bad effect on heart or hypercholestrol or weight gain.

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h)  Proteins for muscle building and metabolism

Proteins are you best friends, they help you build up muscles, helps recovery and improves the metabolism and therefore, results in weight loss (fat loss). Include lots of proteins in your diet and see the massive difference in your inches, immunity and energy.

Rich sources of proteins are full cream milk, full fat yogurt, paneer, whole eggs, chicken, fish, tofu, whole pulses. If your diet has insufficient proteins, then supplementing it is vital. Take guidance from a trained sports nutritionist to know more about the right protein supplements.

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i) Local and traditional foods

Food grown around you retains maximum nutrition value. Eating unknown foods or imported foods like quinoa, olives are neither meant for the climate nor retain it’s properties till it reaches us.

Best way to recognize local foods is to stick to our traditional foods that are have been eaten by our ancestors like upma, poha, bananas, mangoes, bhakri etc.

j) Never follow any avoid list

When it comes to avoiding food for weight loss, avoiding only man made foods are important and not the healthy foods like bananas, mangoes and ghee. Real foods can serve you the best nutrition and improves metabolism massively.

If anyone asks you to avoid certain healthy food items then be sure that this is not the right way to lose weight.

k) Cheating guilt free

Cheating meals should be the part of your regime not because it good for health but it keeps the cravings away.

I’ve come across lots of people who are over commited to their diets and once they cheat, they are too disheartened and quit.

Note, if you are working out well and eating 80-90% well, then cheating at times doesn’t count.

Keep your cheat meals frequency as 1-2 times in a week. Plan ahead, eat intelligently and tank up before your go for cheat meals.

l) Never get carried away with shortcuts

Why green tea, lemon water, chiwda, biscuits never helps you lose weight

Green tea is too hyped and it surely has become the staple of workoholics. Just like not eating food loses water and body muscle, the same goes with green tea. It doesn’t contribute to fat loss or impriving metabolism. A very poor source of antioxidant and a fantastic souce or appetite suppressant, and so it’gives you results too fast to lose weight.

If you opt for green tea or may it be any sort of caffeine to lose weight, you’ll surely look very thin but at the same time will have saggy skin, dark cirlces, pigmentation or even more muscle dysrphy because of dehydration.

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Lemon water honey- there is no magic potion which will give you instant results. If lemon water honey was the solution to good health then the whole world would have been thin by now. Eating healthy and working out is the only way to burn fat.

Lemon surely has health benefits but relying only on this 1 ingredient won’t do any good to you.

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Is apple better than mango?– Fruits are natural sugars, eliminating few fruits and having rest is not going to keep you lean. Eat seasonal and local fruits but eat it at the right time. The best time to eat fruits are early morning or post workout.

(Fruits juices for skin)- Fruit should never be juiced as  this process destroys the antioxidants and what remains is only the natural concentrated sugar.

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Have you come across dietician giving (chiwda and khakras and biscuits) and kurmura as a snack option? It’s crazy. I pity clients who have to eat this  poor mans diet. Chiwda, kurmura and khakras are low theromogenic foods (digests too fast and doesn’t burn up too much body fat). Biscuits are hypes just like green tea. Any biscuit whether whole wheat or oats or multigrain or plain biscuits are high in poor quality fat (transfat), therefore, no fat loss but fat gain will surely happen.

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m) Supplementation

Supplements are natural. They are made from natural sources like milk, nuts, oils etc but too much confusion in the market has relatively made these products out of the food zone.

It’s important to understand that supplements are the bridging gap between deficiencies and requirements. In the case of deficiencies, supplementation is vital to improve the health. May it be protein powder or calcium or iron, they are all natural sources which will add goodness to your health.

Eliminate the sugar based milk flavours or any artificial food and take a professional help to know more about which is the best supplement for you.

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n) Self love and gratitude

Self love is the first step towards fitness and great health. If the mind is not aligned with the body and actions then results are going to hamper.

Self love is not self obsession, it’s the love and respect you give to your work and yourself. When you love yourself, it destroys jealousy, competition, anger and frustration. What it brings to u is only happiness and success.

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3) Best exercise to lose weight

a) 5 fitness components

You cannot randomly make a decision to pick your favorit workout like walking or cycling or yoga or gyming. Exercise needs to be schedules as per the need of the body.

  • Cardio endurance- walking, cycling, skipping, swimming, aerobics, Zumba etc.
  • Muscle endurance- walking, cycling, skipping, swimming, aerobics, Zumba etc.
  • Muscle strength- Weight training
  • Flexibity- Stretching or yoga
  • Body composition- The above factors decides the body fat and the muscle mass of the body.

We need to concentrate on all the components of the fitness to get the best results. This keeps put heart strong, muscle mass high, delays ageing, keeps us flexible and prevents diseases.

A combination of all the components is vital to get pure fat loss.

b) Weight training & It’s myths

Weight training is the most ignored and highly confusing concept in people’s mind. Weight training is not for women, weight training makes you bulky, it’s not good to pick up so much weight are the common misconceptions heading amongst people.

Weight training/ strength training/ resistant training is the most important aspect to burn fat and look leaner. Weight training burns fat for 48hrs post exercise and not only that, it also improves bone mineral density, skin, and hair quality. It is vital to do 2-3 workout session of weight training in a week.

It is vital to understand exercise in an elaborate manner because it’s not just limited to walking. Here it goes:

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  • Do we gain weight after leaving gym? Human body is designed to move and not rest. You leave any activity or don’t do any activity, you’ll surely put on weight. It’s your metabolism that need to work on. Weight training, cardio in any form and stretching are all the basic components of fitness. Sticking to 1 form won’t.

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Few Add Ons of Weight training to lose weight are:

  • Should we eat after workout? Yes, it’s the most important meal of the workout. If you fail to eat pre and post workout, then you’ll never grow your health and burn fat.

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  • Should we walk after eating– It’s not ideal to walk immediately after walking as thew blood circulation which needs to be concentrated around the stomach will now have a pressure to concentrate on lower body too, therefore, leads to poor digestion.

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c) Cardio

It can be done in many forms like walking, cycling, running, jogging, dancing, Zumba, aerobics. 2-3 workout session of cardio in a week is a must. It needs to be a combination of weight training and cardio in a week.

d) Stretching

You can either stretch post workout (Muscles stretch to its maximum when they are warm) or stick to 1-2 sessions of yoga in a week.

e) Compensation exercise

Punishing your body by over exercising cannot make you lose weight more. Two workouts on the same day or working out for more than 2 hours, exhausting and going beyond your capacity only lowers your immunity, energy and leads to poor muscle recovery.

If your muscles overwork and doesn’t recover well, then it won’t burn fat. Therefore, no inch loss or fat loss will be seen.

Over exercising is a bad idea and cannot compensate to cheat meal. Do not feel guilty if you cheated, be at ease and get back to the normal routine.

f) Intensity

You must improve the intensity every time during workout. Unless your intensity improves, you cannot expect a change to happen. Body is very adaptive, it improves the muscle mass gradually with workouts, if you fail increase the intensity, the body composition get stuck.

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4) Break the plateau

When your weight is stuck, you are bound to eat less and workout more than your capacity, which is not the solution. Body works on metabolism and is not a machine which is going to give the same amount of results every time it works.

I’ve seen many people changing their workout pattern and diet plans or massage to break the plateau, but it doesn’t break like this. The plateau tends to happen with every individual trying to lose weight, in this case either your intensity of workout is the same or you are not eating well or you are eating too less calories or not resting well.

  • Improve the intensity of your workout and not the time. Especially weight training where people miss out on improving the intensity. Pick up more weights and reduce the reps. If you are waling, then start jogging, running.
  • Eat more food to match up to your workout requirement. It will improve the muscle mass and therefore, helps in fat loss (inch loss).
  • Sleep well. Let your body take rest.
  • Drink lots of water and fluids to improve the muscle mass.

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5) Master plan for women to lose weight easily

a) The basic guidelines from the encyclopedia remains the same but the two most important factors that are vital to follow for every woman is Weight training and intake of fats and proteins.

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b) Best weight loss method for women- Weight training is a must for every women as it increases the bone mineral density, balances hormones, and most importantly delays ageing, menopause and helps fat loss.

It is highly ignored by women. They only concentrate on cardio and flexibity but weight training is the game changer for them. This is the formula to keep you young and toned throughout the life.

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c) Eat lots of healthy fats- Sex hormones are made up of fats, therefore eating healthy fats improves the hormonal disorders that usually women complain of these day. It helps (reverse PCOD) and (hormonal issues to lose weight). Include full cream milk and it’s pridcuts, whole egg, white homemade butter, nuts, avocado, coconuts, flaxseeds or any seeds.

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d) Proteins improves the muscle mass and keeps your body fat percentage under control. Skin and hair are made up of proteins too, therefore intake of the optimal proteins is vital for every woman. Include enough amounts of first class proteins like full cream milk, curd, paneer, cheese, chicken, fish, whole eggs and second class proteins like pulses, sprouts, nuts.

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e) Cut down on the unwanted carbs- Sugars ,maida, packed and processed foods are the biggest disaster you can do to your health. They are highly responsible for homonal disorders, high metabolic disordwers and high body fat percentage in women. This has made the system of a women weaker and ageing process faster.

f) Focus only on real foods- Our body is the part of nature and can accept only the foods that are natural. Stick to the foods that are gifted by nature like whole cereals, whole pulses, fruits, vegetables, full cream milk and it’s products, chicken, fish.

g) Eliminate fruit juices or healthy skin, it’s as good as having concentrated sugar in one go. It increases the body fat percentage tremendously.

h) Rest well. Women ignores this one as they do work for each on in the family. This important step is the most crucial step out of all as the most recovery happens when you sleep. Rest well, sleep well and do some recreational activities for yourself every week.

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