Ghee, cheese, butter and cream are safe for heart

saturated fats like ghee, cheese, butter, cream or full cream milk are safe for heart

saturated fats like ghee, cheese, butter, cream or full cream milk are safe for heart

All my nutrition education life, I was asked to give a complex carbohydrate and low fat diet to a heart patient.

Foods like whole cereals- wheat, bajra, jowar, nachni, oats, rice, whole pulses, vegetable oils in limit and completely avoid ghee, cheese butter, cream or full cream milk were suggested. In fact low fat, multigrain variety was recommended like skimmed milk, low fat butter and multigrain biscuits.

Honestly, most of them never had enough fats in the diet like cheese, cream, butter or ghee before getting a heart disease or hyper- cholesterol. Their diet was quite rich in refined oils, refined flours, multigrain, low fat variety. Some of them surely had a bad diet, full or processed cheese, processed butter, meat and foods fried in refined oils but some of them, consumed only homemade healthy carbohydrates like whole cereals, fruits, and pulses and still complained of hyper cholesterol issues.

On the contrary to the real ways to reduce heart disease, there were breads, spaghetti and biscuits added in the meal plan and served in some of the hospitals too.  

I’m writing this article with whole of evidences to prove a point that we need to acknowledge professionals big time. Its excess Carbohydrate and transfat that leads to Hyper cholesterol and Heart Disease.

How does Carbohydrate increase Cholesterol?

Carbohydrate whether coming from sugar or wheat or rice, both gets converted to glucose in blood. Firstly the glucose, fills up the glycogen stores in the muscles then use it for brain functioning. The excess then fills the liver which is responsible to produce bad cholesterol (commonly called as fatty liver). 

In 1970s, the economic growth of the food industries created havoc in the society about how saturated fat and arteriosclerosis are associated with each other. There popped up, the low fat variety which was secretly replaced with hidden sugar in all the packed foods.

You can watch ‘THE SECRETS OF SUGAR DOCUMENTARY’  << Click Here which shows you the insight about all the misleading ways the food industries followed.

Ketogenic Diet is the best way to reduce cholesterol. Here is how it works: ''What is the Impact of Ketogenic Diet on Cholesterol?'' << Click here

As per European Journal of Nutrition reviewed paper, people who consumed more of full fat variety had less weight gain, less likely to develop heart disease or type 2 diabetes in comparison to the ones who consumed low fat variety.

Some of the studies that shows the same evidence:

Plan of Action for Hyper cholesterol or Heart Disease Patients:

  • Completely avoid sugar, honey, jaggery, refined flours like biscuits, breads, fruit juices, syrups or packed foods.
  • Have only healthy carbohydrates like whole cereals, whole pulses (pulses are high carbohydrate), fruits (only post workout) but limit them to only 25-30% of the diet.
  • Replace refined oils with filtered oils like peanuts, olive, mustard or coconut oil. Read my article on Fruit Juices << Click here
  • Never have low fat modified foods like low fat butter or cheese or skimmed milk.
  • Have only full fat variety like full cream milk, unprocessed cheese, homemade white butter, fresh cream, fish, and nuts. Read my article on Skimmed Milk vs Full Cream << Click here
  • Egg yolk is healthy cholesterol. Do get hesitant eating it.
  • Never deep fry foods. Limit ghee or oil to only 3-4tbsp per day.

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