Indian Detox Achar

If you are an Indian, then you surely do not worry about the DETOXIFICATIONS DIETS because, our common traditional food is loaded with Detox Herbs.

Looking out for fancy, imported, expensive foods are not needed because the secret Detox Ingredients are hidden in your kitchen itself.

Indian local foods are fantastic source for Detoxification like: Lemon, fresh local fruits, turmeric, garlic, flaxseeds (Alsi), green leafy vegetables, yellow orange or red vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes. The best thing about Indian food is that it is rich in whole and natural foods and so if one includes traditional roti, sabzi with ghee in their diet then ones metabolism is already good but unfortunately the introduction of processed foods (like maida, biscuits, breads) has made it mandatory to include detox foods to keep the system healthy. Here is a simple recipe which if included on the regular basis, it will keep your metabolism boosted and system detoxed.

You can Watch the video of Detox Achar here:

Indian DETOX Achar:

Fresh Turmeric- 50gms

Fresh Ginger- 50gms

Salt- As per taste

Fresh Lemon- 1 whole


1-    Chop turmeric and ginger finely.

2-    Mix chopped turmeric and ginger with salt.

3-    To this add squeezed lemon juice.

4-    Toss everything well and store it in a a Barni (Mason Jar).

5-    Have this achar with your main meals (Lunch and dinner).

Few other foods like pudhina, jeera and lemon water/ dahi with fresh tomatoes or apple with roasted flaxseed/ roasted pumpkin seeds (in ghee 1 tsp) are also great detox foods.

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