Weight Loss is such a big issue, a syndrome in today’s time that too much information, too much social media spreading true, sometimes false information in budance. It has created a big fuss in the society which is full of obesity. The purpose is not solved, rather it’s become more confusing. 

Some are getting results, some are trying too hard to get it. 

What we observed was that people just keep hopping from one place to the other to lose weight. Join in some program, then leave it and then join something else when the weight bounced back. This pattern of weight gain and weight loss has horrible long term side effects. Not knowing what is right and what is not, no knowing what form of exercise is correct or not spoils the metabolism big time. 

  • Being deficient is not correct
  • Choosing random exercise is not correct

We observed this confusion between people and designed a program- PINCH TO INCH LOSS, where we provide, MEAL PLAN + WORKOUT PLAN aligned with each other.

Our Program totally a scientific and absolutely fitness specific where we don’t sell diets but health and fitness to each of our clients.

We are:

  • Extremely professional and yet friendly with all our clients
  • A lot of personal attention is given to each one.
  • We take only limited and only motivated clients 
  • We are extremely focused and give time to our clients.
  • Easy approachable

Our Meal Plans are:

  • It’s easy to follow
  • We focus more on Healthy Fats eating like cheese, butter, ghee etc and low carbohydrates like potatoes, rice etc.
  • We build Ketogenic Diets for our clients (High fat and low carb)
  • It’s really tasty
  • We also suggest easy recipes to add variation in the meal plan
  • It’s very filling and energetic
  • We discourage soup, salads, green tea or any false way to lose weight

Our Workout Plans are:

  • Scientific and designed as per your strength
  • Very technical with correct forms
  • A combination of weight training (For strength improvement), Cardio (for endurance) and Stretching (For flexibility) is provided
  • We also provide videos for the workout

Our expectations from the clients:

  • Trustworthy 
  • dedicated
  • Motivated
  • Not comparing themselves with others
  • Who believes in our work

What we don’t sell:

  • Shortcuts to lose weight
  • Lose Weight Fast and making unrealistic goals
  • Starvation diets
  • Giving comfortable home exercises (it doesn’t show results)
  • Only cardio or yoga (we give a combination of cardio yoga and weight training)

What results should we expect (you and us)

  • Majorly Inch Loss than Weight loss (When you lose more inches than weight, it is an indication that you are losing more body fat)
  • Feel Energetic
  • Improve Skin
  • Improve Hair/ stop HairFall
  • Improve strength
  • Improve endurance
  • Improve flexibility
  • Control the medical Problems
  • Feel Lighter

Our promise:

  • It’s a genuine value added service.
  • No fooling, No fraud diets.
  • Our passion to change your life makes us happy which shows in our service for you.
  • After completion of this program, you don’t need any other nutritionist or health coach in life as ou become your own master of health.

If you are interested to know more details about the program or want to join our program then:

Email us at : magicalhealth1@gmail.com or Call us on : +91-9920360833