Free Keto Guide for Beginners

Before we start to understand more about Keto diet, let me tell you that Ketogenic (Keto) Diet is a way to fitter life. It’s neither a crash diet nor a new fad. The design of this meal plan is scientific and works on every human body.

What is Keto Diet?

Keto Diet is a diet wherein the diet goes beyond 60% fats and carbohydrate goes less than 10%. When you reduce carbohydrate to this extent and replace it with fats, body starts using body fat as a source of energy which produces ketones. These ketones, is responsible for giving very high energy to the body.

Why is Keto the best way to lose fat?

Body is made up of only proteins and fats. Carbohydrate only extra provides glucose to the body when you are physically active. So, when you are not active, the excess glucose is converted to high body fat. Therefore, making keto an ideal diet for fat loss.It’s a high calorie diet which is important to provide energy to your body unlike crash diets.Because it focuses on fat loss, it also reverses metabolic problems like type 2 diabetes, PCOD, hypothyroidism, hypertension, or hyper cholesterol.It’s a fantastic way to control nerve or brain related disorders like epilepsy, migraine or Parkinson. It’s very tasty and fulfilling.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In this document, which you are about to download is a 1 step before going to the Ketogenic diet. This step is vital to take before start the mainstream Keto diet as it prepares your body to adapt to lower carbohydrate. Keto diet is supposed to be between 20gms-50gms of carbohydrate and that’s why It’s a troll on Indians to cut off carbohydrates to this extend suddenly (Indian diets consists of 300-400gms carbohydrate per day).

This meal plan is going to give you carbohydrate up to 100gms which is quite easy to start off. If you are new to this, then you will start showing amazing results with this diet too. That’s my Guarantee!