I am glad and happy that I took nutritional guidance from you. It’s absolutely wonderful to see good results on my fat loss. I lost 12 inches and 7 kgs in the just the span of 2 months.
‘Losing inches is more important than weight’ crashed my addiction to weight scale completely. Eating Intelligently is the part of my lifestyle now.
Thank you for your exceptional diet plan, wholesome eating, and guidance beyond my expectation, which made me to achieve my target easily.
Keep your good work and best of luck…Cheers


weight loss success story testimonial

Kunal Cheria

Throughout my lifetime, I have tried many different ways to Gain Weight and never succeeded.

With Shikha’s Program I learned how important it is to understand the food I eat and my body works. She taught me that the kind of food I eat is directly related to my lifestyle and Work. A healthier body gives you a happy living. She also showed me how to increase my exercise so that my body would work more efficiently towards my Goal.

I am pleased to say that I have gained the Weight as I needed after joining her program. She is professional and has a compassion and dedication to her clients.


Pooja Katara

As it is rightly said, that is exactly what I feel when I speak about SHIKHA GUPTA and her nutrition knowledge and guidance. As a beginner, I can say it’s a transformation from IF I CAN to OFCOURSE I WILL.

The food plan is made as per your lifestyle, your work and your convenience. The cravings aren’t stopped they have vanished. If I have to describe in a single word about my experience with SHIKHA in one word it would be ‘ENERGY’. It gives you confidence, motivation and you love yourself.

Uma Pandey

weight loss success story testimonial

Rajni Ruhela

I am Rajni Ruhela from Mumbai. POST PREGNANCY, I HAD GAINED TREMENDOUS WEIGHT, felt very tired, and started having pain in my joints. I felt down whenever I met my friends in good shape. Then I come to know about Shikha Gupta by my sister in law whose instructions changed my life. What I got is a WELL SHAPED BODY as well as HIGH ENERGY. THE BEST THING IS MY BABY TOO GETS FULL NUTRITION ALONG WITH ME. THIS MAKES ME MORE SATISFIED. Now I am full of confidence, I can wear all type of dresses and workout without fail. I am happy that Shikha help me with simple and practical instruction to lose fat. Thanks a ton.

"In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can"

Yash Maheshwari

I had the pleasure of meeting Dietitian Shikha Gupta a couple of Months Back For Weight Loss Counselling. I always had the mindset that Dietitians restrict you from eating but her way was totally different from others. She didn’t restrict me from eating and introduced some healthy interesting things in my diet. She taught me ‘The Way Of Eating’ which is the most effective technique to eat as per requirement. I am HAPPY to say that I have lost weight and continue to loose more through her guidance in future. She is dedicated towards her patients and always encourages everyone to achieve their goals.

weight loss success story testimonial

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