Low fat foods are not going to help you lose fat. Nutrition tips by Nutritionist Shikha Gupta, Mumbai, India

Never eat Low Fat Foods

Do not opt for Low Fat Foods because, they are loaded with extra carbohydrate. Low fat foods, will never help you lose fat but will increase. Carbohydrates when eaten in excess, converts to fat. NOTE: There is a lot of difference between weight loss and fat loss. Weight loss can be muscle and water loss too but Fat Loss is more inch loss. Focus only on fat loss. Eat more healthy fats to lose fats. Read more detailed blogs on how fats helps you lose fat. 
Soybean is not the best source for protein. nutrition tips from Nutritionist in mumbai, India- Shikha Gupta

Soybean is not the best source for protein

Soybean is considered to be the best source of protein but we must understand that the quality of protein is too poor. Even though the quantity of protein in soybean is 36gms per 100gms as compared to dals which is around 21gms per 100gms, both the foods (soybean and dals) are poor quality proteins (Incomplete proteins). One must consume complete proteins which is derived from animal sources like milk and milk products- cheese, paneer or curd, whole eggs, chicken or fish to meet the optimal protein requirement. In case, one is lactose intolerant, then have more of curd or paneer instead of soya milk. In some cases, it interferes with thyroid hormone productions and causes imbalance of hormones in men. Soy would be best recommended for menopause because it provide estrogen and suppresses the symptoms but to meet the protein requirement, soy is should be the last option. 

Multigrain biscuit, channa and kurmura are not the right snacks for weight loss. nutrition tips from leading nutritionist in mumbai- Shikha Gupta

Multigrain Biscuits, kurmura and channa are not perfect snacks for fat loss

Are you eating multigrain biscuits, kurmura and khakras for evening snacks to lose weight or improve your fitness levels? Then you are doing a mistake. You know why? Because they are carbohydrates which we are eating enough throughout the day in our daily diet and we don't need to add them more because it will only increase our body fat percentage. Instead if you replace carbs with healthy fats like coconut, whole eggs, almond milk, coconut milk, nuts, avocado (if available) then it would help you increase your metabolism and burn stubborn fat. 

Pregnant women should have vitamin C to raise their iron levels. Nutrition tips for pregnant women

Pregnant Women must have Vitamin C to Raise their Iron Levels

All the pregnant woman out there or if you know of someone, this tip is really going to make you baby super strong. It's about increasing the absorption and utilization of iron in blood. I know, each one is given iron tablets during pregnancy but it wouldn't get absorbed unless there is enough vitamin C in your diet. Yes, iron get absorbed only in the presence of vitamin C and vice versa. So, add lemon juice on top of vegetables or dal you eat (never while cooking as vitamin C is heat sensitive), oranges would do well too, capsicum, amla or cashew fruit. The best would be to add vitamin C supplement for 1000mg per day because our diets do not match the levels we need to match up to. Ones, who are generally low on iron levels then, correct your vitamin C intake and see the difference.

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Cheat Meal Planning

A- somewhere i read this amazing stuff. Follow 80-20 rule like plan 20% of your diet as cheat meal or cheat day or cheat days in a month.
B- post workout, one should have a sweet fruits or glucose to repair glycogen stores, in that case, you can replace fast absorbed carbs instead of this like potatoes, rice, desserts, etc.
C- if you want to cheat and still not feel guilty about it, then add lots of fats and proteins along with it. Eg: rice with ghee and curd/ fried potatoes with cheese/ paneer burger with cheese/ chicken pizza with cheese.
D- prefer cheating on the day of weight training as it will use the glucose to replace the glycogen stores.
E- if you can eat something healthy before cheating, then it would keep you full and eat less of wrong food.

nutrition tips for hypertension- nutritionist india, mumbai, Shikha

Hypertension Fitness Tip


As per research, most of the heart attack (hypertension patients) happens during early morning workout. This is because the blood pressure is generally higher during the morning time and it further aggravates with workout during morning time. Best time to workout is after 3 hours of waking up. 

Plum lassi recipe for weight loss. keto

Plum Lassi

Try seasonal Plum lassi if you feel hungry and want to fill up:
1cup ice cold water
100gms yogurt (prefer greek yogurt as it has high protein)
1 medium plum (peeled)

Healthy snacking options for late night and not gain weight

Healthy Late Night Snacking Options

Are you one of the night owls who sleep too late and binge of wrong foods? 
Then here one healthy tips for you. Eat more healthy fats and proteins than carbohydrates at night. 
Why? Because carbs provide only glucose to your body and you don't need it. During night, your metabolism is too low and eating carbs will only make you fat.
Proteins and fats instead helps to recover the muscles and rejuvenate you the next day.
Here are some Late Night Healthy Eating Options:
• cottage cheese, cheese, almond milk, coconut milk, olives, makhane, greek yogurt or normal yogurt, turnip, homemade chips, spinach homemade chips, whole eggs, fish, full cream milk with extra cream, butter coffee, ghee wali chai, Nuts, peanut/ almond/ cashew butter, pumpkin seeds or flaxseed, coconut meat (malai) or dry coconut chunks, Avocado/guacamole, Proteinshake

Zucchini Keto Noodles

Zucchini Keto Noodles

Did you know? You can replace noodles with zucchini noodle? It makes it low carb and perfect to curb craving. 

Just take: 2 medium zucchini, some olive oil, 3-4 garlic cloves, chilly flakes, 2 medium tomatoes, 1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese, few basil leaves, 1 teaspoon cornstarch, Salt, to taste

Method: Make spirals of zucchini. Take a pan and heat some olive oil, add garlic, chilly flakes, tomatoes and basil leaves. Once cooked, add zucchini and parmesan cheese. In a seperate bowl, mix cornflour and water and add it to the pan. Plate the zucchini noodles for serving.