Weight loss VS Fat loss/ Difference between Muscles and Fat

It's still a confusion in peoples head that weight checking is the best way to check your fitness levels. No doubt, weight checking is important part of the fitness tool but not the only way to consider fitness levels. You can read my popular blog on How to Lose Weight Quickly? Weight loss VS Fat Loss

Watch animated video to understand it in a better way: 

Many of you must be losing a lot of inches than weight. Now, this is a very good sign of fat loss but in spite of having such a great result, people lose their patience and give up because, the weight scale is not moving down. I tried to explain this concept in detail in one of my best article Why are you not losing weight but inches?

We might get confused seeing thin people, their fat percentage. Even a thin looking individual can have high body Fat percentage. The only difference between many thin individuals and fat people is that fat people have more fat percentage than thin ones but they both have less muscle mass. Both of them in this case need to gain muscles to lose fat and tone their body. Don't just lose weight but fat. Don't be Skinny fat explains well about why people who are trying to lose weight tend to lose more muscles than fat and remain skinny fat.

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