Are you hopping from one weight loss diet to another? Nothing seems to work or works only temporary and bounces back the same weight?


Tired of eating channa, kurmura for snacks and soup and salad for dinner?


Can’t stay hungry to lose weight?


Walking hurts your knee and still walking?


Spent tons of money on weight loss diets?


Lost so much weight with diets but everything has come back. Don’t know how to do it again?


Don’t understand what to eat and what not to eat?


What if I travel out? Diet goes for a toss?


Always wondering what to eat out?


I feel so low on energy.


I don’t have time to cook for myself separately.


Too many health issues, too many medications, Doctors ask me to lose weight but I just can’t?


I know what it’s like…


After 8 years of work experience and treating more than 1000 patients, I found a unique program for fat loss which solves these specific issues.


1) I know exactly where you’re at and what you are going through.


2) I can show you exactly what it takes to get to the other side.

What exactly is Personal Mentoring program?

Personal mentoring is a one to one counseling, online (video call) program that teaches smart and effective ways to lead a healthy lifestyle and of course lose fat.


To be clear: This program is not built for masses. This is Private, closed door, pull up your sleeves and let’s get down to your health business and solve it out!


It’s a 2 months program wherein I counsel once in 15 days, with detailed meal plans, workout plans (personalized) and workout videos.

"Training and teaching right thing is my utmost priority"

I believe 2 months are enough to train because, I truly don’t want to waste your money in enrolling again and again. Learn from me, get customized meals and workout and take actions. After 2 months you will be good to go on your own (without my help).




Don’t worry, I won’t run away after 2 months. It’s a lifetime relationship we share. After completion of 2 months also, we stay in touch through emails.

What do you expect from me?

  • Planning the meals and workout plans based on your needs, physical activity (extremely personalized and fat loss/ metabolic problem focused)


  • Accessibility, commitment and my dedication towards solving your issues is my priority. So, we would not only discuss about meal and workout plans but also, solving difficulties.


  • Follow ups, motivation and bringing the best out of you is my job.


  • Journaling material (e-journal) is provided to understand the purpose of losing fat/solve any health issue and tracking/ planning your schedule.

Important: I would be very strict with the follow ups (I don’t mean here I would give you crash diets). And gyming would be compulsory.


I know you are resistant to go to gym especially weight training but here’s the thing, weight training burns fat for 48hours unlike walking or yoga alone.


I would expect you to go to gym at least 3 times a week for weight training. Rest of the days we can manage with walking or swimming or yoga.


You can read my >> Article <<


With weight training, you would tone down, lose tremendous inches, have fantastic skin quality, tighter skin, high bone mineral density which means no knee or back problem, control PCOD and diabetes.

"I have been lean for a couple of years but used to lack energy and getting to my desired inch loss was seeming impossible. Shikha, introduced me to meal and workout plans which not only helped me to lose inches but also gain loads of energy and my migraine was too resolved. Ultimately hunger pangs and sugar craving too disappeared. I'm never looking back from here on wards. Thanks a ton Shikha, lots of love, Tasneem."

- Tasneem Contractor (Make up artist), Mumbai, India.

Ideal members who can join in:

Who wants to change their life. Fat loss comes with

right workout, right eating and staying happy.


Who are committed to stay focused and keep their

health goals a priority.


Who have issues like obesity, diabetes,

thyroidism,PCOS/PCOD, or any metabolic problems.


Who wants to improve energy levels, skin and

reduce hair fall.

This program is not for people who (are):

Too desperate to lose weight eg: I want to lose 5kgs

in 10days.


Joined too many health programs together eg: ‘’I

have joined other nutritionist’s program along with

gym, yoga class, detox programs, heat

vibration therapy, all together’’


Reading too much stuff on social media groups and

want to do the same damn thing.


Wants to follow others meal plans.


Comparing themselves with others weight loss



Not committed.

What is expected from you?

  • 100% commitment to the program.


  • Believing in me.


  • Doing the homework and sending across it to me (it’s very general. I expect my members to send me the intensity of workout they do)


  • Stay in touch with me. If at all getting stuck, ask me then and there.

What difference will you experience?

  • Learning in details about foods, their nutrition value, fitness components and their application.


  • Spiking high energy.


  • Improvement in skin and reduced hair fall.


  • Recover any deficiency.


  • Toned body.


  • Reverse/ control metabolic disorders. You will experience a reduction in the medicine dosage with time (with right eating and workouts)


  • Scheduling and planning your lifestyle.


  • Support and motivation.


  • Happiness 😀 

"Magical health has taught me to eat healthy!
I am a medical student with a very busy schedule. No diet worked for me but then I came to magical health and shikha gave me a meal plan that was perfect. I didn't have to starve myself at all! And the best part about it was I could eat a lot of non-vegetarian food and I didn't have to give up all my favorite foods. Yes my meal plan also included sweets and desserts.
And the results are great. I am losing a lot of inches, which is more important than losing weight and I feel a lot healthier.
Thanks to magical health!"

- Jessica Pereira, Doctor, Mumbai, India.


(will be sent on the last session of the 2 month program)

But wait, there’s more…


  • 2 extra follow ups after completion of the program (the follow up will be through emails, personally done by me and not over call or video)


  • Printable weekly planner


  • Wine dine guidelines


  • Travelling tweaks guidelines


  • Maintenance guidelines

Hey One important note, I take only 10 members per month to keep the quality of my services excellent.


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Before you think of joining the program, do go through the Terms and Conditions


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