How to stop sugar cravings?

Sugar is the new cocaine. It’s a slow addiction. As per researches, it makes similar chemical changes in the brain as any drug or alcohol would do.

In my observation, people crave for not only sugar but refined foods too. Refined flours, biscuits, breads have the same effect as sugar. They too are addictive!

How does sugar work on your body?

Your body loves sugar. It uses sugar as a primary source of energy.  So, when you consume normal amount of sugar, your body converts that into glucose giving you a sudden rush of energy. When consumed in excess, the excess glucose is converted into fats by insulin. This leads to sudden low in energy and spikes your craving for sugar again.

Few of the reasons that lead to Sugar cravings are:

  • Most of the people misunderstand the difference between Hunger and Cravings. Both are quite similar but different at the same time. When one feels hungry, tends to crave for wrong foods especially the sweet or the refined ones. In that case, if one fills up with better options then the cravings would disappear.
  • Poor planning of the meals- Skipping meals, not carrying the food, no fixed time for eating.
  • Stress- emotional eating is so common today
  • Poor lifestyle- sleeping late night, waking up late, sleep apnea, late night parties every weekend.
  • Genetics- This has only 10% effect on one’s body and 90% is under control

Low Carbohydrate, High fat diet helps to reduce Sugar cravings:

  • Brain is made up of 60% fats and it needs minimal glucose to function. So, a high fat diet is far more important for brain functioning or any brain related disorders than carbohydrate.
  • As per one study, our brain consumes only 120gms of carbohydrate per day. That’s it! This makes it only 3 servings of carbohydrate per day, which is like a low carbohydrate diet. Here's the link of the study : Study << Click here
  • Ketogenic diets have shown to reduce sugar cravings drastically. In this case the carbohydrate intake goes as low as 50gms/day.  Since, the diet is rich in fats, even in the absence of carbohydrate, it converts to glucose when the body needs it (by the process called glyconeogenesis). Therefore, no chance of hypoglycemia.
  • This is why Ketogenic diet is traditionally used to treat Epilepsy or Alzheimer. Now, also treats many other disorders like type 2 diabetes, PCOD and hypothyroidism.
  • Some of my clients who showed tremendous change in energy and stopped sugar cravings:
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How to stop sugar cravings?

IMG 4907 - How to stop sugar cravings? IMG 5252 - How to stop sugar cravings? IMG 6579 - How to stop sugar cravings?

You can download the ‘’Free Keto Guide for Beginners’’ << Click here. It’s a low carbohydrate and high fat diet, which will also help you to reduce sugar cravings to a great extend.

  • Fat and fibre intake was way to higher in our ancestors diet and the higher form of sweet we consumed was carrot. Sugar never existed then. This fat and fibre paradox is well explained in this article: ''Eat Fat, Beat Sugar Cravings'' << Click here

How can you stop/control Sugar Cravings?

  • Planning your meals in advance.
  • Schedule your day/ week.
  • Be more disciplined.
  • Intake of Fats shows a drastic reduction in the sugar craving. Yes, it does and have shown tremendous changes in my clients sugar craving. I’m sharing their testimonials with you. I had put them on a high fat and low carbohydrate diet and it actually showed amazing results.
  • Fibre too to some extend helps one to stop the high and low energy. Simple logic to this is that fibre, releases the glucose slowly into the blood.
  • Few more studies have shown that chromium supplement improves carbohydrate craving. Find the link here of the research paper ''Study" <<click here . Have 200mg before meal per day.
  • Reduce stress- take counseling’s from psychologist, meditate, workout especially weight training, as this is shown to drastically reduce stress levels and increases.

Breaking the Sugar Addiction with mindset:

  • 28days rule- It’s the mind which decides everything. If you decide to give up on sugar for continuously 28days, it develops into a habit. It takes time but it has shown to reduce cravings in many of my clients. But first set your mind.
  • Mimic sugar- You can replace sugar with natural stevia extracts. Never go for aspartame, sucralose replacements. Stevia is the best option.

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