How to reduce belly Fat? Part 2

Most of the population is struggling to lose that one particular area in the body- BELLY FAT

''Everything is fine, just this belly is a problem'' a common statement that comes from most of my clients.

Belly fat is undoubtedly a big issue not only for the obese people but also for the ones who are thin. It is ugly, it is harmful, stubborn and high risk to type 2 diabetes and heart problems.

What are the reasons of getting high belly fat?

  1. Lack of discipline- Why I talk about this one first, is only because, lack of planning, lack of planned routine, poor lifestyle like waking up late at night, waking up late, rushing to office and skipping meal, choosing random foods are some of the major issues of high obesity rate, or high belly fat. This is the most ignored fact that people don’t highlight when talking about how to reduce belly fat.
  2. Fad diets and poor workout plans- yes, it’s the low calorie diets, low fat variety and extremely poor planning of workout that leads to high fat percentage. I’ll explain why?
  • Low calorie and low fat foods works on losing more muscles than body fat.
  • Low calorie foods or low fat foods are generally very high on carbohydrates. This produces more glucose in body and we don’t need so much glucose to work. We need more fats to function because our brain, hormones, is made up of fats. We need fats!
  • Sign of poor metabolism is when you feel less hungry during the day and more in the latter half of the day. If so, work on your metabolism to reduce belly fat. Check the ways given below.
  • Poor workout plans like only walking, only crunches will NEVER, EVER will make you lose belly fat. Spot reduction is a myth!

    3. Alcohol- A big culprit of high belly fat. It increases the estrogen in men which tends to increase the belly fat percentage.

    4. Refined foods- You all know this one, high sugar, refined flour and transfat intake. I don’t need to explain this much because there are tons of articles written and talked about this one.

    5. Genetics- It totally depends on which body type your genes belong to. It can be Apple obesity (belly fat is more) or Pear obesity (thighs are heavy). Honestly, let’s not blame our genetics because it has only 10% effect on your body. 90% is in your hands to control it.


Solutions to reduce belly fat:

  • Disciple: The utmost important practice to be lean is being disciplined. Wake up early in the morning, switch off the TV before sleep, and plan your meals in advance. PREPARE yourself for the next day. It’s all about planning!
  • Stop dieting, and focus on nutrition: See what the deficiencies your body has? what are the metabolic problems you have? Focus only on fitness and fat loss will come as the by product. The minute your focus shifts to quick fix methods, you will lose out on the results.
  1. Avoid refined foods, sugar, fruits juices, packed and ready to eat foods, biscuits, breads and all sorts of FAST FOODS. Replace them with FATS instead. Why? Because Fat burns stubborn fat. Read which ones in the next point.
  2. Include Coconut (your best friends to lose stubborn fat). Your body loves coconut because it’s easy to digest (MCT) and super food to reduce stubborn fat.
  3. Include fats in every possible meal- unprocessed cheese, white butter, fresh cream, avocado (if at all available in your area), cottage cheese (paneer), whole eggs, and fish.
  4. Start your day with healthy proteins and fats like nuts, protein shake with cream, butter coffee or ghee wali chai or whole eggs.
  5. In case you feel hungry, opt for foods like coconut, nuts, whey, avocado, unprocessed cheese, full cream milk, greek yogurt, whole eggs, paneer cubes instead of carbohydrates like bhel, khakra, biscuits, breads or extra serving or chappati or rice. This step will make a huge difference.
  6. COMPLETELY ELIMINATE LOW FAT FOODS. They are loaded with carbohydrates. You brain, hormones are made up of fats, and avoiding them brings a troll on functioning of the body.
  7. Avoid too much caffeine. It’s suppresses appetite and lowers your metabolism. Not more than 2 cups in a day is recommended.
  • Right Workout Plan: 100 crunches, doing planks won’t ever give you a flat belly. It’s a myth! Of course, it does help you to develop the core muscles, but doesn’t lose the belly fat. Here’s how:

When you crunch, it’s one of the small muscles of your body and it’s the muscle that is crunching and not the fat. Fat is just swinging with crunches. The larger and more number of muscles you burn, the more you will burn fat- from any part of your body and not from the specific area. If you have more belly fat, then it will go slower as compared to the rest of the body part and will be the last thing to reduce completely.

  1. Weight training is the only way to increase muscle mass/ Burn fat. It’s called EPOC. You burn fat for 48hours, as compared to cardio which is only 20mins of fat loss (if you workout for at least 40mins).
  2. Focus more on compound structural moments which burns more fat- squats, lunges, calve raises, bend over rows, lat pull down, dead lifts, good morning. These are the exercises which includes larger and more number of muscles in the same exercise. This would big time lose body fat percentage.
  3. You should, do cardio and abs exercise too but to only improve your core muscles and be able to list better in the compound structural exercises mentioned above. Cardio and crunches have indirect effect on losing fat.
  • Sleep well: Rest reduces stress and we all need that.


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